Raven provides Logistics Solutions within our operating areas.

We are primarily an asset-owning common carrier, however in order to insure capacity to meet
customer needs, we have access to 3 rd party power and boxes to augment Raven owed capacity.
Additionally, we work with customers on internal and external load boards to meet their shipping needs.

We provide logistics solutions by offering four primary lines of business;

Mutli-Regional Truckload Carrier
–With owned tractors, owned trailers and employee drivers, we control the capacity required to
meet customer needs. Every time.
–We work with Shipper and CPU freight, offer pools as well as live load and multi stop services.
–We focus on Dry Van
–We do provide Haz Mat tanker solutions with third party trailing equipment. Our current focus
is on Cryogenic cargo (LNG).

–We provide dedicated assets and drivers for customers with high-density needs in a 200-mile
radius of a centralized location or cluster.
–We augment these dedicated fleets with our Multi-Regional capacity to cover demand spikes.
–We do drop or live load/unload with multi stops and pools.

Rail Intermodal
–Raven has a strategic partnership with FEC Railway and provides customers with Intermodal
solutions into and out of S. Florida.

Plant Management
–Raven provides customers plant logistics solutions to manage all inbound, outbound and
interplant activity including;
—-3 rd party equipment per diem, storage, damage and bill back
—-Shuttle movements at plant, between plants and to and from warehouse and storage
—-Reverse logistics
—-Inventory management, equipment maintenance, reporting
—-Port import export BOL and

Raven brings all these Services to work for our customers shipping needs.